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Monday, July 8, 2013

Just A Quick Update

I am having trouble "uploading" pictures from my cell phone to the blog.  I hope to get this fixed soon so I can update you all on our latest adventures.  I have posted a couple of pictures from my 17th year High School Reunion.  We didn't have a 10 year reunion, so some girls organized a 17th year "get together."  We had SO MUCH FUN!!!!  Jackie MADE me go shopping for a new dress.  It was a nightmare, because I HATE TO SHOP......but, I'm glad she made me go.  I have a wonderful sister.  She also volunteered to keep all of the kids (4 total between mine and Joel's) and let them spend the night the night of the reunion.  It was fun.  THANKS "AUNT KEY"!!!!!
 The girl in charge of things!!
  Me, Allison, and Joy (Yancy Carpenter's wife)
 Scott, me, Allison, and Joel

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