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NO ONE ELSE will ever know the strength of my LOVE FOR YOU. After all, you're THE ONLY ONE who knows what my HEART sounds like from the inside.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just a few thoughts for now

It has been a while since I have posted. Life is so "full of life" right now. Grant is keeping us busy with baseball. Every night it seems that we are either at practice or a ballgame. I can not begin to put into words how the daily "grind" can change things. I don't even really think it is conscious, but it JUST CHANGES! I feel so much more love for Scott every day. I get emotional watching him coach our little boy. I fall in love with a "NEW MAN" a little more each day. I realize just how blessed my children are to have a GREAT FATHER. I think the fact that my father wasn't really involved makes me appreciate AND LOVE Scott so much more. I LOVE watching him be a DAD. They say that women pick men like their father.....well, I didn't, but I sure pray that Reagan does! What a blessing God gave me. He guided me to a wonderful husband and father. NOW... with all that said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BOYS! Grant turned 7 on March 23rd, and Scott will turn 39 on March 26th.

We went to LaParilla to celebrate Grant's birthday (phase 1) and the other picture is of little cutie Reagan demanding to be included in the social scene of the world of baseball! I will post more birthday pictures (phase 2) as soon as I can.

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