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Monday, February 20, 2012

Isn't She Lovely!

The theme Alyssa's pageant was "Isn't she Lovely". It was so cute. They used Darla and Alfalfa pictures from The Little Rascals. We had a really good time. We used it as sort-of a "girls night out". Reagan was so good. There were 106 girls in the pageant. Alyssa was #3. So, this made for a LONG wait from #4-106. Reagan was so good though. There was a break after #53 and they had a boy group singing for entertainment. The girls really enjoyed them. So, just to make sure the event is well documented, here is a list of the "girls" that attended. Allison, Madeline, Honey, Jackie, Presley, Me, Reagan, Jessi and Marcia.Cindy and her mother went too (she works for Jeff), and Tracey and one of her friends came as well. Cindy did an excellent job organizing all of the details for Alyssa. She got her hair and make-up done by an excellent stylist(I guess that is what you would call it), and she helped her pick out her dress, shoes, and earrings. Alyssa looked BEAUTIFUL! Jeff was so proud of her. It was her first pageant~ and she could NOT have done any better. She walked, turned, and kept her eyes on the judges. You would have NEVER known this was her first pageant. Cindy- THANKS SO MUCH! This will be something that Alyssa will always remember. Not to leave out JEFF (DAD) with the "girls night out theme"~ He was so good. He made sure everyone had a GREAT seat- arriving at the earliest time to get the perfect spot for everyone. What a proud DAD. You could see just how proud he was of all of her accomplishments when she walked out on that stage. I can NOT imagine the feeling he had when she walked out. I almost cried, and she is just my niece. I get way to emotional even writing about this.In the pictures below, you can see how obsessed Reagan is with Alyssa. Now, Alyssa was not as, what should I say, careful/delicate/cautious, as she should have been. The pictures of her with Reagan are during INTERMISSION! She still had to go on stage. She didn't care. She held all of the girls- at THE SAME TIME- wrinkling up her dress and messing up her make-up. It made me a nervous wreck. She still had to go back on stage and do other things. She didn't care though. She was done as far as she was concerned. She didn't care if her make-up was a mess, her dress was wrinkled, or anything else. She had done as she promised her Dad- PARTICIPATED! That is all she cared about. I am glad we made the trip to the pageant though~ this was Alyssa's first AND LAST pageant. SO FUNNY! Sorry about not having a picture of Madeline and Allison. I will try to find one and post it.

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