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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catching up on the latest at the Horne house

Well, things have been quite chaotic around our house lately. I don't know exactly why it seems that way right now, but it sure seems busy. Grant has been playing Upward basketball, Reagan has completed potty training~ and her dolls have too! Grant has obviously been spending entirely too much time with his dad~ note the under armour attire and black taboggin' photo below. Reagan is WAY to into her looks at the present time. She has taught herself how to take pictures (of herself mostly) with my blackberry! I have requested that friends and family stop telling her how beautiful she is for a little while. Grant has photographed his new tooth coming in, and Reagan loves spending time with her cousin Jake. She always makes me take a picture, and then she says " Let me see" right after she hears it "click". Funny! I have started cooking at home in an ATTEMPT to save money. I took a picture of a typical night at our house during supper. It includes eating, talking, laughing, and trying to fit in spelling word review. Not too much review usually happens though. In the picture, you can see Reagan asking Grant to spell a certain word.... as if she knows what she is reading! Grant is not into academics right now. He especially HATES reading and spelling. I guess his favorite subject would be math if you asked him. He doesn't really care for any of them to be honest though. We signed up for baseball this week, and Grant is excited about that. He will be in "coach pitch" this time. Reagan is taking dance and art lessons. She LOVES LOVES LOVES to dance. Reagan found a pair of pink glasses in my office and claimed them as her own. I bought several pair of glasses on ebay to repair student's glasses that were broken or damaged. I took the lens out of this pair for her. She says she is like Grant. We all think she looks pretty cute in them. And, finally, I guess a little nap under an umbrella on the couch is just what you need after a long day in the 1st grade. Where do they come up with this stuff? I love being their Mommy! What a BLESSING!

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