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Saturday, October 20, 2012

This is what we do.....

Well, we have been super busy.  I guess I need to slow down and take a few minutes and MAKE SURE I document our lives in this little thing I call a "blog".  I print it out yearly for my kids as their "scrapbook" and I want to make sure they have the things that were important, or memorable recorded for them to share one day with their families.  So, here we go......................

Grant had to go to the ER and get some fluids because he got dehydrated.  I think he got food poisoning from some strawberries that may not have been washed good.  I felt like such a bad mom.  He was sick for a full week.  He lost 7 pounds too!  Poor fella. He was already skin and bones.  He is doing better now, THANK GOD!!!! I can't hardly stand to see my baby sick.  I love this monkey!!!!! It was nice to have him "NEED" me again. I realized just how independent he had become when he wanted his "momma" during this time. Being his mother is the best BLESSING in the whole wide world.   

 Now we move to "Little Miss Reagan".  She is full of life and DRAMA!!!! She has insisted on wearing her tiara, necklace, and ring to school DAILY.  I will say "okay, lets go" and this is what Reagan does.... she runs from the back of the house saying "Hold on momma, don't leave me, I need to get my necklace and stuff on for school today." She truly is our little princess.  We are blessed beyond measure!

 This is scary piggy Reagan.... we were in Target.  I thought she might be scared, but NO SHE WASN'T!!! In fact, she isn't scared of much of anything.
 This is one happy family after Daddy wins AGAIN!!!! His team is undefeated!!!!  Reagan can't hardly wait to jump in his arms after EVERY game.  She loves her Daddy.  Grant, on the other hand, was not excited about me making him get his picture taken.  He wanted to be out on the football field kicking field goals.  He loves football!!!
 Grant asked Poppa to make sure he took care of his watermelons that he planted behind the "shop".  So, one day, Poppa called Scott and told him to bring Grant down to the shop and see what he found.  Colby and Poppa had placed 2 LARGE watermelons in the area Grant planted his seeds.  He was so excited.  Poppa is so good to his grandkids.
 This is Grant's first day back to school after his week long sickness with food poisoning.  He looks pitiful. He has dark circles under his eyes, and he is so skinny.  He is wearing his new contacts again.  I don't know how I feel about this.  I love how he looks in his little glasses.  He looks too grown up without them.
 Reagan's class took a field trip to Corndodger's farm.  As you can see from the pictures, she is quite the little leader.  She is first in line telling everyone which way to go in the maze.  You can see her little pointer finger in one of the pictures as she gives specific instructions.  She is so bossy...... and everyone listens.  Scott and I aren't this way at all.  Grant isn't either.  I honestly think she gets this quality from her Nanna, Scott's mom. Mrs. Horne was a leader!  She didn't wait for others to make decisions.  She made them, and everyone else listened. I think Reagan gets it honest!!!!!  Mrs. Horne may not be here with us now, but Scott and I look at each other at certain times when Reagan does things and we are both thinking the same thing.....She sounded just like "Nanna" when she said or did that.

I hope everyone is doing well.  Make sure you tell your family members you love them, and don't take anything for granted.  Find blessings in the small things.  I know sometimes things get tough, but you can always find something positive in everything.

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