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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Catch up Mode...... What has Everyone Been Up to?

Well, I have had quite an ordeal trying to "sync" my mobile pictures with this blog.  But, I think I may have figured it out.  So, now it is time to catch up.  What have we.....AND "Rocky" been up to?  Well, I hope some of these pictures sum up some of our adventures.  "Rocky" has been quite the adventurer.  WE LOVE ROCKY!!!  I was heartbroken when Grant said "Momma, I'm gonna miss Rocky when he leaves."  It will be sad.  Maybe he will send us some notes or messages throughout the year.  So, here we go..... CATCH UP TIME.  These are in no specific order.

                         This is one cute little "hiney"!!!!!  We call this little visit "VAIN ROCKY"  
 "Rocky" loves to read all about himself obviously.
 There is always a serious race in the morning to get dressed and ready in the morning.  Reagan said " I beat you, I beat you." to Grant one morning.  She was seriously ready in her little world. Brushing her teeth, weighing herself, and fully dressed in her green Christmas scarf.  We obviously had a wardrobe modification.
 Rocky strikes again.  The little note says:  "It is times like these when I wish Grant and Reagan could touch me. I'm stuck!  But don't touch!!! Rocky
 This little event was inspired when "Uncle Jay" came over and helped Grant make a zip-line in the back-yard.  Rocky obviously takes everything in, and is watching us all day.
 Loving on Reagan's babies

Grant and Reagan love to search for clues.  Grant, I hate to tell you this, but Reagan kicks your cute little booty when it comes to finding Rocky.  She finds him about 99% of the time.  And, you always have your glasses on too, so NO EXCUSES!!!
.......Follow the dots
This note is upside down, but it says "Ha!Ha! I tricked you, I'm in your parents closet.  Look up high- at the sky-I'm dressed up like a pirate!  Don't forget to brush your teeth. Love, Rocky

 This is what happens when Scott takes the kids to get things... SUPPOSED to get groceries. But since they behaved, they got GIFTS!!!!  I am slightly different.  IF THEY DON'T BEHAVE, THEY GET SOMETHING!!!!

 HORRIBLE IDEA!!! Scott, NEVER do this again!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!
 Presley visits, and the new playhouse gets an upgrade
 We love to do a backyard fire!
 Adventures at the pond!!! We had so much fun!!!
 It is such a blessing that these girls have each other.  I hope they are a just as close as Jackie and I are!!!
 I love a man that is not scared and will take an adventure on WITHOUT FEAR!!!

 Cameron, Grant, Presley, and Reagan making memories!  Oh, and MOMMA, Grant says as I am typing this!!!  I love this boy!!!
 It took Presley a little bit, but she warmed up to the idea of getting a little dirty, but she wanted NO PART of the cows.  She was in constant monitoring mode.  She did not want to see them!!!!!!!

 The local baseball batting facility was named in Todd's honor.  Wes Whitfield and Sammy Frichter who are both very successful baseball coaches decided to do this for our family.  It was such a thoughtful gesture.  This facility has been such a "HIT"~ no pun intended.  It is PACKED all day from the time school children get out, until the latest possible bedtime.  Coach Wes also provides our boys with FREE lessons.  God makes sure he places the needed individuals in your life when he has to take someone you love away. We miss Todd tremendously, but we are grateful to God that he continues to see us through each day!  We know he is with us ALL THE TIME!!! We couldn't do it without HIS help!!! Thank you God!!!!

 Duck Dynasty inspired Rocky
You can see I love Duck Dynasty, I like Willie best of all.  Grant keep working on Baseball! And when it comes to my favorite lady I would have to say it's Reagan or Sadie. If you are Good and be the best you can be........

 You'll be happy when you see what's under the tree~ Rocky
 Fun times with cousing.  They enjoyed playing in the new playhouse, building a fire, and making smores.  

 Silly Daddy!!!  How many Horne's can you fit on a mini four-wheeler?  4

 I thought this picture was hilarious.  But, it did make me sad.  I can't get used to seeing Colby all grown up and driving by himself.  He was only 3 years old when Scott and I started dating.  He is such a good child.  I am thankful that God put him in my life to be such a positive role model for my children.  

Okay, so Grant and Reagan have questioned why there are so many different Santa's around town.  So, we tried to make it clear through the writings of Rocky... see the note below
 Once again, that Santa was not real~ we heard your wishes let's make a deal.... Santa said he heard you though, and this is how you know it is so..... Solve this riddle about last night~ then turn the page to see if you were right.... You and Reagan sat so still~ you told Santa just how you feel~ No video games or remotes for you~ the things you and Reagan want are similar too! You both told Santa about one gift~ but how are they alike if you catch my drift?
 One has 4 wheels, and one has 4 legs ~ I told you we heard you!!! Now be good so you get your wish!  Love Rocky

 We visited the light display in Wicksburg, Alabama.  Colby was so kind to spend his Friday night with us.  

Well, I guess I am up to date for a little bit.  We are preparing for Christmas with Family.  That is what it is ALL ABOUT!!! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!  Thank you God for loving me and giving me such a wonderful life!  

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