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Friday, December 14, 2012

Round 2 of the Christmas Pictures

Well,  we didn't have another photo shoot, we just got our 2nd CD with the completed pictures.  I wanted to share all of them.  I have to be honest though, I didn't share ALL of them.  Some were not worthy!!! I did however, include the "cheesy" family picture of all of us holding hands and walking together.  Scott and I laugh at these things.  We have fallen victim to the "PINTEREST" posts.  I do not frequent Pinterest, nor do I have a Facebook account.  I do know that we look like a lot of other families that got their pictures taken for Christmas photos this year in this one photo. Too Funny!!!  We might as well just tangled the entire family together in Christmas lights!!!! HA!HA!HA!  I hope everyone had a great week and you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!

            I would summarize this picture as serious Grant and Choke down Reagan

          Oh the little details.  Grant's little smirk smile as he is dipping his leather shoe in the water, and Reagan pointing and laughing at him.

Only a wife would notice that her husband always wears his shoes without his heels in them.

 Truly my little monkey's.  Now, Grant is seriously holding on in this picture, and Reagan really does knock him off of the railing into the grass.  Ahhh parenthood!!!!
 Who are the people in this photo?  This looks so natural (not really)!!!! Scott, you were a good sport.  I think you were just willing to do whatever you had to do to get this done.

 If you could hear her, she is saying "HEEEY"  She is so "animated" as her Aunt Key would say.  Key says it in a nice way, we call her "Dramatic".

I love this picture!!!!!  Please notice how my two little angels are holding hands.  I love these little details!!!

 I love this little guy.  I truly realized when I got these pictures back that he is not a baby anymore.  He doesn't have "chubby cheeks" like he used to.  I love this child!  He cracks me up when he says "Momma, I know you love me more than you love Reagan because you have known me longer than her." He is always satisfied when I tell him, "Grant, please don't tell Reagan, but you ARE my favorite son."  He just smiles that GREAT smile and runs about his merry little way!!!!  I am so blessed to have you as my son Grant.  Thanks for all of the laughter that you fill our home with.  God truly blessed you with a sense of humor.

 As much as they fight, Grant is the best big brother a sister could ask for.  And Reagan, you definitely allow Grant to be your protector.  You have no problem letting Grant take care of you.  I love to see how children fit into their roles.  Grant is going to be a wonderful husband one day.  He knows how to treat even the most temperamental females~ I AM TALKING ABOUT REAGAN~ and Reagan, you will fall into the role of  a wonderful wife for your husband one day.  I'm sure you will be treated like the "princess" that you have always known you were.  You have said this week..... "Momma, I'm not wearing that because princesses don't wear pants."


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