The Strenght of my LOVE.......

NO ONE ELSE will ever know the strength of my LOVE FOR YOU. After all, you're THE ONLY ONE who knows what my HEART sounds like from the inside.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day.  Grant wrote me the funniest,  sweetest letter.  His teacher laughed and laughed when he filled in the blank of :  My mother is as pretty as_________________........he looked at her and said "How do you spell  Kardashian?"  I LOVE THIS KID!!!  I added some random pictures of Reagan from our travel adventures in the car.  I don't have as many pictures of Grant because he rides with Scott most days.  I am blessed to have these two angels to care for.  Happy Mother's Day to my mother as well. I love you so much!!!!

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