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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Just Livin' and Lovin' Life!

 The tooth fairy came!!Grant lost his first top tooth on June 8, 2013.  He was 8 years old.  This makes his 5th tooth lost.  
 Grant LOVES his DADDY!!
 Reagan, Keylynn, and Lucy at the ballpark.  They are so funny!!
 Grant "getting his game face on" by Mr. Brad
 This is the "farmers way" to change out light bulbs

 I'm sure she was telling Poppa to dump them out of the bucket!!!
 Poppa resisted....He rarely tells his girl no though!!!!!  She loves her Poppa!!
 I am proud to say that I was recognized at the state conference as a "fire starter."  It was in a good way! HA!HA!  Jennifer Ventress, my new supervisor at the state department, told a crowd of about 400 people that I was making things happen and promoting positive change!!  I was both mortified and excited.  This has to do with the new company that I have started with another gentleman.  Our company is Blackboard Communications.  I hope you hear about it soon. We have been taking our time and doing things while we both work full time jobs..............However, we have had CNN, the creator of, and now the state of Alabama take notice of us.  I try to keep God's will and do what I think HE would want me to do as the focus.  If we continue to do this, everything will work out just as it is supposed to.

 The many faces of Reagan.  She has a fever blister on her cheek...bless her heart.  I hope that her little ones don't inherit this from her, but since this is also Grant and Reagan's scrap book, it will document this so she can see that it was something we had to deal with.  We put massive amounts of sunscreen on her, she wears sunglasses and a hat, but she still gets these bothersome bumps!!!!  I want to document it here because I am faithful that she will outgrow this.  Bless her little heart.  She just smiles right on.  Little miss independent!!!

 She is wearing an outfit that Aunt Key and Presley made for her.

 Poppa has to "shake them down the wall" every time he leaves our house.  It is something he did with Scott and Todd, and now he does it to Grant and Reagan, and they LOVE it!!! Too funny!

 Battle it Out ball players........... Reagan said she was a robot.

 Someone may be hitting a little too many baseballs.  I noticed Grant's back when he was taking off his shirt. I told Scott that it looked like we were giving him steroids!!!  He is so LEAN and MUSCLED UP!!!  He has such a passion for this game.  He will practice for 4 hours straight with Scott, and they only stop then because I MAKE THEM COME HOME!!!  Thank goodness the practice facility is right across the street from our house. TOO BAD Scott has his own personal key and can go any time the two boys feel like it.  

 Look at those arm muscles!!!!!

Reagan had to make sure her muscles were taken note of.  Please don't pay attention to the messy house.  The room with the red car is also used for my sewing room, so there are swatches of material all over the floor that Reagan has said were her "cupcakes."

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