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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Oh, The Things They Say!

Reagan and Madeline were instructed to "stay right there and let me take your picture." So, what does Madeline say........ "okay Reagan, now leave me alone please." Of coarse it was in her soft, polite tone. So funny to hear those words spoken so sweetly by a 5 year old.

Then, when Reagan and I were on our way home, we encountered a little bit of rain.  Reagan says "Momma,  wave the skinnies."  What did she mean?  Turn on the windshield wipers of coarse!!!! I LOVE IT!

 And, we think it is quite amazing that "Honey" has so many grandchildren that made "AllStars."  Grant, MaryLynn, Will, Jake, and Presley all made their "AllStar" teams.  Good genetics I guess.  It is so hard to get a good picture of all of the kids!! We did our best.

I LOVE this picture of Jake!!!
 Presley is actually pushing Reagan (AKA: photo bomber) out of this picture.   Reagan does NOT like to be left out of any photo opportunities.

 A little snack in her bed....... we rarely do this.  She enjoyed a little beef stew and crackers after her nap because she was upset that her Daddy and Grant left her~ they went to the ballpark.
 A little workout at Dicks Sporting Goods
 I found Jake and Grant at the end of our bed on the floor when I woke up.  They are so precious!!1
Grant is mastering the art of taking his own picture.  This is the night that he received his "AllStar" uniforms.  He was so excited!!  This flat bill hat trend is going to take some getting used to.
 Mall trip and carousel ride

You may not be able to see everyone,but Jake, Presley, Grant, Reagan, and Madeline were all on the carousel. Jake and Grant were acting silly.  They were obviously way too cool for this kid stuff. 

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