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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

INTRODUCING: "Aubie Doggie"

I think this is Aubie doggie's brother

No more pictures~PLEASE!!!!!

Hello Everyone~ Nice to meet you!

So, it's official. Our dogs name is "Aubie doggie". Here is the rundown~We tried out Ben 10(from the cartoon character), Chance, Finn, and Sam. Grant chose Aubie Doggie. I told him that Ben 10 would be good because he would probably live 10 days~so he changed it. Chance was the same thing~ I told him he did not stand a chance, so he tried something else out. I wanted "Sam" because it was from Scott And Mom~ of coarse Scott said "SAM, why not DAM-dad and mom, that's what we are going to end up saying anyway~ that D*** dog!" Isn't he hillarious! I do think Aubie doggie resembles a small white fluffy seal. He was tired of the photo shoot and he actually put his "hands" in front of his face. He is such a sweet little puppy!

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