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Monday, June 11, 2012

From Never to Non-Stop

Okay... so I can go "from NEVER to NON-STOP" when it comes to updating this blog.  But I did want to include some things that I have left out recently.  Some things require that you have read prior post, so if you are confused by some of the comments, you may want to read the later dated info to make sense of it all.

                Some handsome little guy has refrained from "little white lies".  Note the super LONG hairstyle!
 Coach Ian made a comment about Grant's long locks when he gave him his baseball trophy.  He also commented on how Grant ALWAYS came through for the team when they needed him.  He makes us so proud!
 Reagan would not leave my side after I got home from my Nursing Conference.  She is such a little sweetie! She fell asleep on my shoulder watching TV.
                 This is what Reagan looked like as she watched all of the boys at kicking camp.
        This is a typical day at the Horne House. Both Grant, and Reagan are helping Scott get his work done.
                                This is my mother's day present........It chimes~ I LOVE IT!
                 This is what my stylist says we should be doing with our nails........ Reagan is my stylist!
This is our Christmas picture.  I couldn't remember if I posted it yet.  I love how Grant is super happy, Reagan is trying to get out of my arms, my teeth are tightly clinched, and Scott is READY TO GO!!!!

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