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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Four "Peas in a Pod"

Reagan and Grant love, love, love when their "Honey" comes over to visit.  So, we have asked "Honey" to start a new tradition with us on Sunday after church.  I need to start to learning the exact method that my mom uses to make certain GOOD food.  Today, she taught me how to correctly prepare cubed steak.  She has a certain technique with the flouring of the meat before preparing it.  Also, she makes the BEST fried okra.  She also has a certain way of flouring it.  Boy! I have a ton to learn.  I hope once a week cooking lessons will help me.  Moving on to AFTER LUNCH.... PINTEREST!  Jackie started me on this website.  And yes, I knew of it LONG, LONG ago, but I knew that once I started it, I would be hooked.  That is pretty much the same reason I haven't got a Facebook account.  But, Pinterest has some awesome activities, that are very inexpensive, to do with the kids.  Today, we sat on the porch, watched it rain, and made SOCK BUBBLES.  My mom rocked on the porch, watched the kids, and shelled peas that their Poppa (Scott's dad) grew in the garden.  It made me think of being at my grandparents when I was young.  I want to raise my children to remember the good things in life........ Fun can be Free, and FAMILY is EVERYTHING!!!!!!  I love the way they are starting to play together.  You can see Reagan's excitement, Grant's determination, Honey's patience, and the LOVE that we have for one another so clearly.  My mother has taught me so much in life.  One thing she said today was........ "Your babies will remember this when they get older."  And, she is right.  I remember her always spending time with us having fun and learning life lessons from the very best teacher..... HER!  

And , by the way, the sock bubbles are made from cutting the end off of a water bottle, using an old sock, and a rubber band to hold it in place.  I used Dawn dish detergent and we added drops of food coloring to the sock to make the bubbles change colors.  SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

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