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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sew, Sew Cute!!!

Well, I have started sewing again.  One of my best friends found out she is going to have a grandchild.  Brittany and T Turner found out they are expecting.  Brittany kept Reagan for me when Mrs. Horne became too ill to take care of her due to her cancer.  She was such a blessing!!!!  I never worried for ONE MOMENT about my children when they were in her care.  She is going to be an amazing mother.  So.....I am trying to convince the "hottest Nanna"AKA Terri learn to sew.  In my attempt, I brought her this cute day gown for her upcoming arrival.  Now, we have no idea what this blessing will be, so I just safety pinned the antique flowers on the top.  "T" said he wasn't sure if he knew what to think about this "girl" stuff.  He wasn't even sure if he would take the flowers off and put a blue name on it......He will learn real soon that it is so much easier to NOT HAVE TO SNAP SNAPS and Button Buttons!!!! Congratulations to the entire family on this BLESSING!!!!

Everett, Brittany, Terri, and Tyler

Brittany and "T" Turner

 Reagan wanted a Valentine's Day dress, so we made this creation together. She loves the "Mormon"look.  She will say "A little longer Momma, a little longer." Now, as long as she request the skirts be longer, I will surely satisfy her wish!!!!  I hope she always wants her skirts to be "a little longer."
 My sweet monkey lost his forth tooth. I love these pictures.  He is trying so hard to open his heavy little eyes.  He was so surprised to see that "Rocky" convinced the tooth fairy to let him visit Grant with his special gift... $10.00 "Rocky" left a note that said he promised he would take the tooth to the tooth fairy.  Grant also got his progress report back on Wednesday.  He received all "A's" again!!!!  What did I do in life to deserve so many blessings?

 The letter taped on the wall is a prayer reminder.  I continuously forgot to say our prayers RIGHT after the kids bath.  We would all snuggle up and watch TV, and before I knew it, my babies were OUT!!! Now, Grant takes Reagan over to the paper and they read it together.  Reagan will even point to the words and say her prayer....she thinks she can read.  It is so funny to all of us.  At least she is trying.  Some random things she has prayed for include her pancakes, her puffy skirts that Aunt Lisa gave her, and her tattoos.  We try not to laugh during these morning prayers before school and at night.  I love these kids!!!! Grant will just hold the laugh in as long as he can.....his eyes get bigger and bigger as he tries to maintain composure.  The pointed eyebrows come out, and it is over........LAUGHTER!!!  This is what life is all about.
This is Reagan fixing her daddy's hair after her bath.  We have spelling words on the mirror with the dry-erase marker.  I know these are things that I will forget about if I don't write about them.  Grant always tries to cheat and sneak a peek at the words when we are practicing.  He always makes 100 on his tests though!!! Just ask him, he will tell you!!! Smartie Pants!!

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