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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Livin' the Crazy Life!!!!

Reagan in her pig-tails and of coarse, a "puffy skirt" that she thanks God for almost every time she says her prayers

Grant and his ugly little dog "Hawkie-Dawgie"  He loves this little rat.  And don't miss the "real deal" background details-  Scott is standing in his "frustration pose" as I take pictures that we don't have time for.  The dirty clothes, vacuum cord, and miscellaneous other items were strategically placed for visual affect.  Hope you all like that!!

I was trying to take a picture of the dress I made Reagan to send it to Jackie and Mom.  I told Reagan to stand still- and this is ALWAYS what I get from her.  Grant is featured in the traditional "photo bomber" sneak up attack pose. 
The minute Reagan arrives home from school she gets naked!!!  The "scank -nasty wear" is on in no time.  She feels beautiful in these outfit creations.  We were trying to make healthy snacks to replace our traditional "not so healthy" afternoon snacks.  You may see why this has been made a priority in the following photos. God Love Her!!!

Reagan and Scott featured above with photo bomber Grant sneaking up in the back!!!!!! LOVE THAT BOY!!! Reagan is showing you her muscles!!
Reagan lacks no self confidence.  She may,  or may not have your approval~ she really doesn't care.  
One of our families favorite activities~  Science experiments!! Scott is doing something that appears to be pretty interesting to these little ones.  

Reagan and I had to go to work and school on President's Day, while Grant and Scott stayed home.  So, little sleepy head and I made a trip to Burger King to have breakfast together.  While we were eating, Reagan noticed a ceramic frog sitting by the beverage dispenser.  A lady was at the booth next to it.  Reagan pointed and told her "I see a big frog right beside your foot."  That lady almost jumped out of her skin.  Reagan DIED laughing~ We all did.  The little lady was a good sport about it.  I'm just glad she didn't have a heart attack.  Reagan and I were the only people under 70 in that place.  Who goes anywhere to sit down and eat that early in the morning when you don't have to?

She was just getting "good and awake"  I love that sweet little face!!

This is one of my favorite times of the day.  I usually wake them up in some crazy way.  I will either make up some funny song or act like a spider is crawling up their legs.  They love it.  Reagan is doing something so special right now.  If she is really tired, sleepy, or just wants to hear my voice, she will say "Momma, I lub you."  It is so precious.  She can be asleep in the bed, roll over,and she will say "Momma, I lub you." LOVE IT!!!

Do you need any narration of this picture?  We have some major work to do to get ready for school!!! 

Reagan will wear her smocked dresses (thank you Honey), but she has to add a little "Reagan Spice".  Look at those multi-colored leopard print rain boots. Work it sister!!!

Fun Friday!!!  Movie night.  These are the best days of my life!!!  I love to snuggle up and watch whatever they want to on television.  I'm usually watching them anyway.

Almost out the door!  Puffy skirt- check   Under Armour for Grant- check  This is everyday!!!

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