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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Week in Review

So, I have been on a "remodeling/organizing" rampage. Emily Post says that you don't have to spend a lot of money to make things appear nice and clean. So, I may have gone overboard, but, I feel so much better about my home. Scott and I live in the house that once belonged to his grandparents. We have totally remodeled it. However, I have one big complaint.......No closet space. I guess long ago, people did not need as many material things as we do now. Kind of makes you think.
So, what do I do when the children go to bed- I get busy organizing. I bet I have thrown away more things this last week. So, I just want to recap the week. We went to Birmingham to see Jeff, Alyssa, Joel, Allison, and Madeline. After a 2 day visit, we returned home. We went to Water World today and Grant went down the water slide, and then, he ventured to the "GREAT WHITE". Now, I did not think he would do it. I thought that when he got to the top, he would slowly return down the stairs that he so carefully climbed.
Now~ I was not ready to see my "BABY" go down this huge water slide. I sent a little girl up with him named Caroline who appeared to be about 10. She said she would go down with him. She helped him carry his tube to the top, and then, SHE CAME BACK DOWN THE STAIRS! She got scared. My little brave trooper went down not once, not twice, but three times. The crowd cheered for my little man. He was so excited. He would have done it more, but we had to leave.
Back to the organizing. I have found these "over the door organizers" that are GREAT!!!!! I may have went a little over the top~ you can be the judge. But, if you are in need of more space in your home, you may want to get some of these.
The other pictures are just of my guest bathroom, and Scott after all of the shelf installation he had to do for the day. He did not like the white metal door organizers. He was much happier with the one that just simply went "over the door". He had to drill holes in our white doors that he custom ordered. Oh well! Its all for the sake of a clean house! IT'S WORTH IT!
I got the picture of water world from the internet. You can see the slides at the very front of the photo, and in the distance is the Great White. It is so much bigger than this picture shows! Just wanted to give you all an idea of what Grant accomplished today.

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