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Monday, December 26, 2011

Solomon Family Christmas: "Dirty Santa"

Well, we continued the tradition on the Solomon side of the family. The girls do a traditional GOOD gift, the boys do a DIRTY SANTA gift, and the kids draw names. This year was very interesting to say the least! Jacob drew Grant's name. Well, he and his Dad went all out. Grant WAS NOT impressed! In fact, he was holding back the tears. Jake and Mark put a lot of preparation into their gift for Grant. Now, it is not suppose to be a gag gift. But, they had to put their little SPIN on the event. Grant is a good sport, and he will usually give as good as he gets, but even my little man didn't know what he should do in this "situation". The pictures will explain it a lot better than I could EVER try to put into words. Grant was relieved to find the $30 gift card to GameStop taped on the back of his picture.
The other children received their "NORMAL" gifts. Grant actually drew Jake's name, and he didn't think he deserved it after the little stunt he pulled. It is the neatest little gift. "Google" it if you get a chance. It is a boogie board. Moving on...... GAG GIFT HEAVEN! Now my family REALLY gets into this event. Jay and Marcia ALWAYS win. They are so MEAN!!!!! Just kidding. Marcia is THE MOST GIVING person I HAVE EVER MET IN MY LIFE. She is such a blessing to my brother and our entire family. Back to the gag gifts..... We featured the belt loop bottle opener, the bedazzle machine and hair feather accessory, and the full body snuggie with bathroom accessible compartments. Other gifts were rubber underwear, POOPpourii, The PLAYA package, and others that I can NOT mention. This is a scrap book for my children!
The kids enjoyed making SMORES, Leah and Jessi singing with Leah playing the guitar,I was VERY impressed, and just spending time with each other. I am so blessed to have a large family with tons of children for my kids to grow up with. Enjoy the pictures. We sure did have a good time.
This is also a very difficult time for Scott and his family. We are having our first Christmas without his mother. I can NOT begin to imagine having Christmas without my Mother. He has lost so much. We were ECSTATIC when Scott's Dad, Grandmother(Mrs. Horne's mother), and Colby came to our festivities! We had to prepare Granny! They all ended up having a GREAT time. We sure did miss "Nanna" and Todd though! Be Safe, Treasure the SMALL THINGS~ like calling and hearing your loved ones voice, and Merry Christmas!

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