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Thursday, December 29, 2011

What I learned this Christmas

Christmas was extremely emotional this year. We had our "ups and downs". Some of our "UPS" would be meeting our new little angel Mary Morgan, spending time together as a family, and doing some traveling. Tomorrow we leave for Atlanta to go to the Auburn game. FUN! I do want to document some of the "downs", because I want my children to know how much they were loved by their Nanna. Poppa was giving his "Santa" attempt his best effort! God love him!!!! NANNA still came to the rescue. As most of you know, Nanna was quite the shopper. Poppa found so many presents that she had purchased for the kids. Grant received 2 polo sweaters, and an ice cream educational make-it yourself kit. Reagan received a pink baby doll and of coarse clothes. We all cried when we saw these gifts. It brought back so many fun memories.
So, as for the heading of this blog entry...... What I learned this Christmas.... I learned to treasure EVERY precious moment with your family and loved ones. Truly take each day as a blessing. Remember the small things, such as the sound of someones voice or their laughter. Value the times that you can pick up the phone and ask your mother.... "Mom, how do you make dressing?" or when you need any advice from someone that you love. It is truly the small things that you miss the most when someone is no longer with you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mary Morgan 9 days old

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