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Sunday, January 6, 2013

More Fun Times with Family and Returning to School

Jackie let Jake and Presley come over while she went to Wal-Mart to get groceries Saturday night.  We had a school and dress up day for the dogs, played the Wii (just dance), and had so much fun.  It was really cold, so the kids couldn't play outside.  They enjoyed themselves though.

 Reagan was so proud to see her friends when she went back to school on Friday.  She wore her "MOST FAVORITE" outfit that her Aunt Alisa gave her.  Bella was super excited about Reagan's return to school as well.  It was sweet to see the reaction that they had after not seeing each other for about a week.

 This is an old picture that I didn't post from Christmas.  We love Madeline and Mary.  The dogs were such a hit with all of the kids.  Mary would try to touch them, but she would get so tickled and just laugh and laugh at them.  It was so precious.

 As you can see in the pictures, Madeline is just the observer.  She is playing quietly on the bed.  So sweet.

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