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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Consider yourself Warned!!!

Fathers lock up your daughters! We could not keep Grant away from these girls. And then, when we would get up in the morning, they would be waiting outside our gate. They thought he was soooo cute. He loved every minute of it. He even told Alyssa he was sneaking out to go see them! We are in for it! Reagan loved the water. Uncle Jeff took her out in the ocean. He was exhausted from her trying to get away from him and get in the water.

Thanks to Uncle Jeff for letting us stay at the condo. We had so much fun. And, Thanks to Joel and Allison for the cute Polo swimsuit Miss Reagan was sporting. She looked so cute!

And~we FINALLY found an effective way to have Grant serve his TIME OUT! He couldn't move. He did not like it too much! :)

Now~ look at the rainbow we saw. It was a complete circle around the sun. I have never seen anything like it before. You wouldn't believe who we were talking about when we noticed it! TODD! Some friends of ours from Skipperville were asking about the family~ specifically the boys and Alisa. Scott said, "Jan~Look up" I could tell he was insinuating the same thing I was thinking. It is just so neat to have this happen so often. Way more than a coincidence.

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