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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Graduation, Attitutes, and Tattle Tales

Jessi, Marcia's daughter, graduated from GCHS. She is such a sweet girl. She plans on going to Wallace first to get her basic studies out of the way, and then I think she is off to AUBURN for physical therapy school. She was salutatorian of her class. So smart.

Will, MaryLynn, Jody, Pam, Leah, JayAustin, Mom, me, and Reagan went to see Jessi graduate. Will is always a little nervous to hold Reagan, she always spits up on him. Poor boy. Just bad luck I guess. But, she always does it. He agreed to hold her for a quick photo. MaryLynn on the other hand means she is going to get her turn.

Leah and JayAustin were there as well. They love their new sister Jessi. She is so kind to them. It would be hard to adjust to two new siblings and a new step-dad, but Jessi has made it look so easy and she shares her mom as well. I don't know if I would have been so mature as a senior in high school. I know I wouldn't have been!

Now for drama at the Horne House. Reagan means she is going to be with her brother~all the time. So, when Grant went to his room and locked her out, she did not take it so well. She obviously understands discipline. She went and got the paddle and brought it to me! I could not believe she did that. But, she has had to learn fast to hang with Grant!

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