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NO ONE ELSE will ever know the strength of my LOVE FOR YOU. After all, you're THE ONLY ONE who knows what my HEART sounds like from the inside.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Will Survive~ WON'T I?

So, my mom calls me periodically and gives me a quick update on my little man. So, when her # showed up on my phone today, I didn't really think anything about it. Well~ I should have! She said-"Hold on Jan- Grant, tell your mother what you did." My heart started beating fast. Grant, or my little MY GLASS IS HALF FULL, NOT EMPTY angle says "Momma~ I did not even tattle. Logan cut my hair and I didn't tell on him, I just cut his hair right back!" OH MY GOODNESS! You see, Miss Kim, Grant's preschool teacher was big on not tattling. So, he thought he had made a great choice.
Well, Grant had not told his teacher that Logan cut his hair first. They thought that Grant just cut his hair. So, I guess things could have been worse. I hope things get better. Kindergarten is hard work~for Grant and ME!

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