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NO ONE ELSE will ever know the strength of my LOVE FOR YOU. After all, you're THE ONLY ONE who knows what my HEART sounds like from the inside.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Have a GOOD LONG CRY......WHY?

 I ran across this saying after having a rough week.  I feel super sentimental and somewhat sad this week.  I think with the combination of my oldest niece Alyssa graduating from Hoover High School on May 24th, Colby getting a new truck ( a symbol of him getting older and gradually slipping away.... a little bit), Mother's Day coming up on Sunday ( and we don't have Mrs. Horne here for the first time), and watching my babies grow like weeds right before my very eyes......... it has been a little rough lately.  I can't make anyone understand what I am about to write, but, it is difficult watching my husband be SO STRONG all the time.  I wish sometimes he would just break down and cry.  He holds it together so well for everyone else.  I know that this Mother's Day will be a difficult one for Scott.  Please make sure all of your loved ones know how you feel about them.  After losing Todd and Mrs. Horne, I NEVER hang up the phone with my family without telling them that  I love them.
this is how i feel right now

And, another thing I want my children to know is that AFTER THEY GET MARRIED... and have children..... the ONLY EMOTION THEY WILL EVER FEEL MORE THAN LOVE (for their babies) IS GUILT!!!!  I fought that "guilty feeling" all day long today because I wasn't able to stay home with my sick babies.  I had 2 nurses out today and I knew that it wasn't an option for me to be off of work.  But...... I hope that I can be there for my babies if THEIR babies need me...... Like my mom was there for me today.  There is NOTHING LIKE THE LOVE OF A MOTHER!

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